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- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Listening is the most important part of communication. We can't act if we don't understand. We hear and feel the pain over the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many more. Black lives matter. We stand and support our colleagues and the entire Black community during this time of passionate progress.


We pledge to do better. We will always protect our staff against discrimination and not tolerate racism within our organization. We aim to make an impact by:

• Supporting the nonprofits our team individually support that lift up Black communities.

• Partnering with our clients on consciously supportive messaging on all platforms.

• Actively identifying candidates from diverse communities when we hire for positions within our organization.


Our work doesn't end here. We invite our community members to reach out to help us identify more ways we can improve ourselves, our industry and our community. Now is the time to create change, and it starts within ourselves.

NICE + Company

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